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Stampede Logistics is a Gold Book Broker that specializes in LTL / Truckload Freight. Stampede is under contract with over 600 carriers in the 48 continental states. Our goal is to match our client’s needs to our carrier’s strengths. Whether that is matching a client’s need for expedited transit time to one of our many Team Service Carriers or matches an LTL to other clients LTL to reduce each client’s transportation costs.

In today’s Transportation a company has to be flexible and innovative. We have over 20 years of Transportation experience in many capacities. Stampede’s owners have developed the philosophy of you are only as good as the client’s and carrier’s you have partnered with. Stampede moves thousands of loads annually with unsurpassed efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Stampede handles all aspects of your shipping needs from Dock to Dock. Stampede tracks shipments daily and schedules delivery appointments. Delivery receipts are only a click away.

If your company has damage concerns, Stampede is your Broker. Our carrier’s utilize NO breakbulks or relay locations. Your company loads and your customer unloads, which greatly eliminates damage.

Our people:  

Personalized customer Service.
Well trained, experienced, expert staff
24 hour customer support
Expert coordination of every aspect of your shipment ( routing, dispatch, tracking, reporting – we are an extension of your Traffic Dept. )

Our Carriers:

We utilize the latest advance technology to ensure that we use the right Carrier for your shipment.
We continually upgrade our Carrier list. Always looking to find the best,safest and professional Carrier base.

Competitive Pricing:

Expedited service available to all points in the US.
Van  -  TL / LTL  ( Partial loads )
Refrigerated  -  TL / LTL
Flatbed  -  TL/ LTL
Specialized Equipment
Air-ride, Team Service, Step Decks
Exclusive use TL / LT


Stampede Logistics Group, LLC (MC 509599)
PO Box 247 | Fort Edward, NY 12828